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War Torn Pup Needs You!

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War Torn Pup Needs You!

Deep in some of the most dangerous parts of Syria, our Armed Forces continue to protect not only us, but so many others. So when they stumbled upon a small, whimpering puppy trying to huddle in a pile of dead puppies, they could not look away. Unfortunately, the 5 other puppies were dead, most likely from starvation and dehydration. The mama dog…nowhere to be seen for she very well may have been killed like so many before her. The first thing these soldiers did, was grab the pup out of the pile of dead siblings. They named her Harley, they comforted her and got her hydrated. They slowly got a little food into her and day by day she gets stronger and stronger. Harley has become the best thing that ever happened to the team. In Syria she follows her saviors on missions wherever it leads them, Harley is always close by.

She wakes up with them in the morning and went to sleep with them at night. They all live like one family in a horrible war zone. But there comes a time when our heroes are sent back home to America. That time is now… what about Harley?

Nobody on base can bear the thought of her being left alone to fend for herself. They contacted Paws of War for urgent assistance. This mission is a difficult one, getting this puppy out of Syria has unbelievable obstacles. We rely on dedicated people like our friends Leo and Jordan who know the seriousness and urgency of these missions, and lives on the line. Because puppies like Harley left behind, face certain death.

Unfortunately for Harley, we cannot save her without funding. Our War Torn Pups Program needs you now. This little furry life is once again, on the line. We need to get Harley out of Syria and to the United States where she can live out her life with her savior, her hero and ours.

Please donate to our War Torn Pups Program today. Your donation helps both ends of the leash…for Harley, and dogs in dire need.