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Please Help Bring a Soldiers Rescued Dog Back To America

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While serving overseas in the United States Army, Specialist Lucas saw several stray dogs around the base. One day when watching the dogs running around, one really caught his attention. Specialist Lucas commented “They were all energetic and running around eating, chasing each other for fun and playing, but one just calmly walked up to people and wanted to be pet and fed. I noticed his calmness and immediately walked his way to give him some love and attention, I love all animals but he was special.”

Specialist Lucas fondly called him Boy dawg, and started looking for him when he got to the base each day. They instantly connected and as soon as Boy dawg saw him get off the bus he would bolt over and lean up against him looking for attention. Lucas would always bring him food and treats and truly cherished the time they had together.

When specialist Lucas was notified his deployment was coming to an end, instead of feeling joy he felt grief at the thought of having to leaving his best friend behind. He desperately tried to find a way to rescue this dog and bring him to the U.S. He was able to connect with Paws of War, and our team jumped into action.

We are asking for your support to help with the complex and expensive process of importing a dog from overseas, and let Specialist Lucas and Boy dawg be reunited in the U.S. and help both ends of the leash.