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Can you help us get Griffon to safety?

When a tiny puppy cautiously approached the gate into an overseas base, he could only hope the people he found there wouldn't hurt him. A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately recognized he wouldn't survive long alone in such a dangerous environment. As he scooped him up into his arms he was reminded of his unit's motto "Those who arrive alive, leave alive" and he knew it had to apply to this little soul too.

News spread that the pup was on the base and soon everyone wanted to meet the newest member of the team. He became known as Griffon, and he also became a star - winning the hearts of everyone with his cute face and fun antics. As the Commander stepped up to care for Griffon he formed a strong bond with the pup who follows him everywhere.

Little Griffon became family, and he's a bright spot in the days of everyone who meets him, but when the Commander returns Stateside, he cannot imagine leaving him behind to fend for himself. So, he reached out to Paws of War for help through our War-Torn Pups and Cats Program.

We won't turn away when our service members ask for help, and if you can, we need your help to get Griffon out of harm's way and safely reunited with his hero. Kind donations of any amount will help make it possible for Griffon's rescue mission to be a success and all are gratefully received.

Can you help us get this little guy safe?


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