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Help Save Axel

Handicapped Dog Finds Hope in U.S. Soldier Overseas Who is Determined to Bring Him Home

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For Staff Sergeant Andrea, who is in the U.S. Army National Guard, coming across a stray dog with deformed paws not only stopped her in her tracks but it changed her life and set her on a mission to rescue him back to West Virginia with her. Paws of War has help 100’s of deployed troops with these incredibly complex and difficult rescues in foreign countries.

Axel is the most joyful, faithful, and happy soul for such an injured dog,” says Staff Sgt. Andrea. “This sweet boy lights up anyone’s life. He is a constant reminder that anyone’s life could be worse, but he still chooses to wag his tail and be the happiest boy. I’m begging anyone who can chip in to help this expensive mission. No one owes me anything but if you met Axel, you too would understand why getting him to America is so important.”

Paws of War hopes to raise enough money to help fund the mission to rescue Axel and get him to Staff Sgt. Andrea’s home in West Virginia by the end of the year, and cover the medical treatments he will need to be able to walk again.