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Paws of War Seeks Help to Pull Off Holiday Miracle for U.S. Navy Sailor

"Right now, we are on a mission to pull off a holiday miracle by helping to relocate a soldier's adopted cat back to New England," explains Derek Cartwright, a veteran and the coordinator for Paws of War. "We can do it, but only with the support of those in the community.”

When Davids, a sailor in the U.S. Navy stationed in the Middle East, heard he would be deploying back to the states, he worried about what would happen to Vinny. He rescued the cat and became family with him, bonding and spending their days together. They would go everywhere together, and he knows that leaving Vinny behind while he heads back home will be a death sentence for the young cat.

“If I have to leave without Vinny, they most likely will exterminate him, and that is something I cannot bear to let happen,” explains Davids. “I'm hoping Paws of War can help my best buddy Vinny and me so I can give him a wonderful life. I appreciate anyone helping to save his life and get him home where my family and I will love him forever."