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Help Save Kilo

While deployed overseas, a U.S. Army sergeant saw locales collecting stray dogs to be euthanized. This was heartbreaking to the sergeant, who is a dog lover, but he was helpless to do anything. One of the locals saw the troubled look on his face and came over to him with a pup in an empty grain bag and told him that if he wanted, one could have it. Without hesitation, the sergeant grabbed the bag, not knowing what he would find inside.

Opening the bag, he was greeted by two sweetest, most angelic eyes. The tiny pup flopped in the bag and tried to get up and wag his tail, but he was frail and could hardly move. The sergeant, who is from Maryland, was overjoyed with the little pup. He gave him food and water, a much-needed bath, and named him Kilo. The little puppy was so afraid of everyone and everything, but as the sergeant cared for him and more people came to give this pup love and hugs, he became the base mascot of sorts.

The pup was growing and getting healthier when the unthinkable happened. The sergeant’s platoon unexpectedly received orders to move to a new location. This would mean leaving Kilo behind to meet the same fate as the one he was saved from. The sergeant couldn't bear the thought. He reached out to Paws of War, who was able to get

one of its rescue teams to this remote location in the Middle East. They are now trying to raise funds to get Kilo to the safety of the U.S., where he will be reunited with his soldier.

"We want to start the new year off by pulling off this successful mission,” added Cartwright. “This will put us on the path to success and help this soldier and Kilo have a happy ending."

The Paws of War rescue team has a plan in place but needs the community's support to make it happen. Such missions involve many resources, making them a costly endeavor.