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Cindy just wants to live!


A soldier who saves a puppy in the midst of duty and conflict shows remarkable bravery and compassion. It takes immense courage to prioritize the safety and well-being of an innocent animal in the midst of chaos and danger. Such an act demonstrates the highest qualities of humanity and selflessness.

United States Sergeant Colin B. needs the help of all patriots. The fate of a little puppy now named Cindy hangs in the balance. Like many dogs and puppies overseas, Cindy is a stray waif that just wanted a few morsels, some water and to be loved. In her short life, Cindy has become a faithful and loving companion to her soldier during his deployment overseas, and he is desperate to get her to the United States, to his home in North Carolina with his family until his duty is up and they can all be together.

Unfortunately, the process of bringing Cindy to the United States is both complicated and costly. The Sgt. is doing everything he can to make it happen, but military rules are strict and he needs our help and we need your help to make this a reality.

A donation in any amount will help cover the costs associated with bringing Cindy to the United States. Your contribution could make all the difference in the world to this soldier and his beloved companion.

Please, do not let Cindy become another casualty. Many of the dogs on the island are shot and killed, many are eaten by locals. She has already endured so much hardship, and she deserves a chance at a safe and happy life in the United States with her loving family. She is so close...yet so far. If love could save her, she would already be in America.

Your generosity and support can make a world of difference to this soldier and his beloved dog. What is a small sacrifice of a few dollars compared to the one Sgt. Colin makes for us every day?