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Help save Casper from overseas for her hero!

Join Casper's Rescue Mission


Casper needs our help to escape a life of suffering.

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Those who step up to protect our country are courageous people who become heroes. This is exceptionally true of U.S. Army Specialist Michael who not only has made huge personal sacrifices to serve, he is changing lives for orphaned children while he is deployed in Africa, and will be continuing his compassionate mission to help people when he returns Stateside. But this hero needs our help.

During overseas deployment he saved the life of a starving homeless kitten he named Casper - who relies on him but when Specialist Michael leaves Africa - which is fast approaching - she will lose her protector, and he will lose his best friend.

Paws of War is working to save Casper from going back to a life of suffering and get her to safety in America. To do that, we really need your help.

Together we can save Casper from the dangers and harsh reality of homeless life overseas, and bring her out of harm's way and back into the arms of the hero who loves her.

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