Worn Torn Pups: Operation Saving Mimi!

A hero needs your help!

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A hero needs your help!

Two Lives in Danger, One Chance for a Happy Ending

It is no secret that we have a limited amount of United States military still in Afghanistan protecting our freedom as the fight continues against the evil forces of the Taliban and Isis.
January, 2018 started out with a Green Beret who lost his life protecting ours, 4 others were wounded. More recently at the end of April, another service member was killed and another wounded. To date over 2,200 of our military service members have lost their lives in Afghanistan.

Recently, a call came in from a frantic mom. Her son Zack, who is on duty in Afghanistan, rescued a tiny puppy from a burn pit. Zack climbed down over 50 feet to save her, and save her he did. Zack named her Mimi, "meaning wished for child".

Zack recounts his story briefly: "We found Mimi out side our gate looking for food in a trash/burn pit which is about 50' deep and full of old needles and hazardous materials like old blood and used medical stuff. I climbed into the pit to help her out and fell in love with the little pup, so I brought her inside the camp and gave her a bath and food. After that day, she was with me everywhere; If I can't get help to get her home she will be kicked out of the camp and left to fend for herself or a team of veternarians to put her down."

Where so much suffering occurs daily, this little puppy was a small ray of sunshine and Zack has told us, Mimi is the brightest part of his day as well as the most relaxing part of his night. Zack is in one of the most dangerous places in the world right now. He is scheduled to be leaving soon. But he doesn't want to leave without Mimi, his fur child! We as patriots owe it to Zack and his ever faithful devoted Mimi, to bring her to the United States where she can live with Zack and his family in their home, safe in the heart of Texas.

To make all this happen we called upon our partners and friends at Nowzad Dogs in Afghanistan to partner with us on this mission She will be transported to safety, quarantined, and get the veterinary care that she needs, and begin her journey to freedom.

This is a time sensitive mission! Getting dogs out of Afghanistan has never been more complicated or more expensive, but if everyone reading this just donates a few dollars it will help get Mimi home to be united again with Zack.