Will you invest in a heroes healing?  image

Will you invest in a heroes healing?


Sponsor this Veteran team today!

"When I came back from Iraq, there were limited options for treating my PTSD. A friend of mine told me that I should get a dog and my doctor recommended Paws of War. Now I have Hunter, my golden retriever, and I am looking forward to the future together with him. Being accepted into the Paws of War family has changed my life already. I would not be able to do this alone, I am truly grateful beyond words to Paws of War" - Jose Rios, two tours in Iraq.

Please help sponsor this team through the long process of training Hunter to be a Service Dog for Jose. If you love animals, your community and country, then there is no better way to serve all than through a donation to Paws of War. And there is no greater feeling in the world than to help both ends of the leash! Through compassion, honor and love of both dogs and heroes, your tax-deductible contribution will immediately begin mending lives. We hope you will joining our family and invest in the future of Jose and Hunter.

Jose and hundreds of other war heroes depend on Paws of War but extensive training is costly. We depend on the support of individuals who believe in our mission to keep both ends of the leash leading successful lives. Donations are a vital lifeline to our mission; it is easy to be a part of a life changing road to recovery. We hope you will consider supporting Jose on his path to healing.