Let's get Misha from war torn Afghanistan to Tim's hometown in the U.S!




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Let's get Misha from war torn Afghanistan to Tim's hometown in the U.S!

Attached Infantry Plea for Puppy Dragged on Rope

My Name is 1SG Timothy C. Boyd and I am stationed in Afghanistan.We are an infantry unit in a very active combat area. Without providing protected information I will just say that we are in a fight almost daily and that means lots of loud explosions and the risk of harm to us all.

When I say all, I am including this young little pup that we have adopted on the base camp. Her name is Misha.

Misha is a loving little pup that was rescued by the former SF Team... Misha was discovered being dragged by her neck by a local national. She had a rope around her neck...She was rescued from her potential horrific death. She was brought back to the camp and treated ...Misha is now a part of our family. She is Part of my family.

The sad thing is that our rotation here will soon come to an end and Misha’s future will not be known. I am looking to try and bring this loving fur baby back to my home in Georgia, where she will live a quiet life away from this war-torn country.

It is unknown how long the US presence will remain. I do not want to leave Misha in this country and would like to get her back...where she can run on soft grass and not be around explosions and cruel people. She is such a loving little baby and gives those of us here a sense of home, and I’d like to repay her with a gift of getting her to safety. "

Deep in Afghanistan, Misha was saved from a horrific death. Since her rescue, Infantryman Tim and Misha have become as close as any man and dog can become. The bond is extra special due to the hostile environment they are both living in. We can only imagine the psychological and physical trauma she experienced before Special Forces took her away from some very evil people.

But now, Tim has to deploy back to the United States...Can you imagine the pain of having to leave her behind? Please help us get little Misha to the United States.
We asked our friends at Nowzad Dogs to help with this case , as they have so many times before. They are the only animal shelter in Afghanistan. They will have their hands full with this case as well.
Please donate whatever you can for "Mission Misha". Her life depends on all of us!

As we work on getting Misha to safety, we are already working on helping the next dog in a dangerous war zone. Any donations over and above Misha's costs will carry over to the next dog....another dog...waiting for a new life.