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Soldier and Puppy Need Your Help!

"My name is SPC. Dakota J. Campbell and I'm 21. I've been in the military for about 3 years and have been stationed in 3 different countries. I've been in Kuwait for roughly 9 months.

Bucky has given my crew and I a new found motivation to finish out what we have left of our mission here in Kuwait. We were at work one morning when we saw a dog and two puppies running across our site. An adult dog stopped half way through and started attacking puppies with seemingly no reason. We managed to scare off the dog but, sadly, we were unable to find the injured pup after it ran off. Bucky, however, got scared, ran, hid, and ended up getting himself stuck under a cement barrier where we found him shortly after. He was scared and confused seeing as how we assume he had no human encounters up to this point. We took him into our HQ on site and built a box with towels, water, and food for him until we figured out what to do with him.

Since day one, he seemed to bring hope and motivation to every soldier on the unit. Before, when coming to work, everyone hung their heads low, drug their feet to the sand, and was just overall done being over here. Both morale and motivation were dwindling if not completely gone. After we brought in Bucky, everyone's first stop every morning was to the HQ to see how he was doing. They were always happy to see he was doing better as the days went on and they brought him treats and lots and lots of love. Myself and a few other soldiers took turns watching him throughout the day and made sure he was safe through the night. People from all over the site would come in all day to come play with Bucky and gave him some much needed love and attention.

After a few days of having him at work the tension and animosity we had towards our every day lives seemed to become less and less. We smiled more and our laughs became more genuine. The puppy brought us closer together as a crew and as a unit as we all did our part to make sure he was alive and well. He was the blessing we all needed whether we knew it or not."

Now, the work begins for Paws of War. We are trying to get Bucky to the United States, so that when his soldier comes home, his furry soulmate will be waiting for him. These missions are fraught with all kinds of complications. But we can't let SPC Campbell down. With your help, Bucky will be on American soil soon.

Please donate what you can to Paws of War. Our programs are vital to both ends of the leash!