Puppy eating burned trash in Afghanistan to survive image

Puppy eating burned trash in Afghanistan to survive

Saving Lives on the Front Lines this Holiday Season

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Cruelty never takes a holiday

A world away, suffering, and harsh conditions are an everyday occurrence. Animals are the innocent victims of human cruelty...

An excerpt from United States Army Man stationed in Afghanistan

"We were at our shooting range which is just outside of our camp and a couple of the guys saw puppies running around over the dirt mound. One of the guys tried to grab the pups and managed to snag one of them (Jonesy). We kept him around the range while we were shooting then brought him back in where one of the field trauma specialists tended to him to get him back to health. However we didn’t know how long we’d be able to have him since the ODA’s 18Z gave us 72 hrs for him to get his vaccinations or else he would be put back outside the camp. We managed to get him sent out to Kabul just in time to get his vaccinations and he was able to stay.
The living conditions and environment are extremely harsh. There’s dogs all outside the camp that struggle to survive and like Jonesy, eat our trash that we burn daily. Ultimately they are surrounded by a place of war. Jonesy is definitely a moral booster on the camp. Everyone loves puppies you know, and a few people would love to take him home but the costs had them change their mind. I don’t think he would have lived very long after we took him for the living conditions were harsh."

Every day dogs suffer horrific deaths in this world. It is usually at the hands of cruel people. Humans are their biggest enemy. They never know if they can trust, and often risk their lives doing so. At Paws of War, we go through great lengths to save as many lives as possible. Cruelty has no boundaries, borders or peace treaties. This holiday season and into the new year, we will continue our mission of helping both ends of the leash. Won't you join us to help dogs like Jonesy and dogs everywhere?

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