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Help Soldier Save His Puppy

Specialist Al is desperately trying to get his rescued pup to safety in the U.S.

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Specialist Al would like to thank everyone who has supported his efforts to save his beautiful little rescued dog Laila. The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and SPC. Al is so very grateful that he can sleep know his precious buddy will be saved..

This campaign has ended. To help us continue to save dogs and cats rescued by soldiers overseas please support Paws of War's War Torn Pups & Cats program please visit:

Specialist Al while serving overseas, was walking near the base when he heard a faint cry coming from a cardboard box. It was winter and very cold. He couldn’t imagine what it could be. He cautiously waited and heard a slight whimper. He walked to the box and saw a tiny puppy, almost lifeless, just occasionally shivering. He gently picked up the pup and put it inside his jacket for warmth.

SPC Al looked around searching for the mother or other pups but did not find any, so he took this little pup to a safe place and gave her some leftover food and water. As soon as the pup finished she climbed on to him and burrowed in his coat and went to sleep. He named the pup Laila and the two became inseparable.

They became best buddies and brought such joy to everyone they were around. The joy turned to terror when SPC Al found out his unit was being deployed to a different location. He knew he could not take Laila with him. Frantically he searched for a way to save this puppy that he loved so much. He knew she would not survive on her own in such a harsh environment. Another soldier told him about Paws of War and he immediately reached out.

The team at Paws jumped into action as timing was critical. We have to get this puppy to a safe location, get her veterinary care, and arrange for her transportation to the U.S. SPC Al is hoping that with your support, his beautiful loving puppy can be rescued and sent to the U.S. where he and his family will give Laila a loving forever home.