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Benji Has Been Saved

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Please Help Save Benji, your donation will cover his medical bills and bring him to safety in the U.S.

One solider is desperately seeking help to care for one of his dogs who was callously poisoned. Stationed overseas, the Army Staff Sergeant took pride in rescuing two stray dogs that would hang around the base. It’s an area that is cruel to dogs, so he tried to give them a safe place to stay. He created a strong bond with two of them, naming them Turbo and Benji. Someone poisoned the dogs, killing Turbo, and leaving Benji fighting for his life.

“It’s really awful what happened to these poor dogs,” explains Dereck Cartright, a disabled veteran who is the stateside logistics coordinator at Paws of War. “The Staff Sgt. is pleading for help to keep Benji alive and they have reached out to us. We will do everything we can, but we need the community to support our efforts.”

The harsh conditions overseas mean that there is no shelter or food for the dogs that roam around. Add to that is the fact that people and other animals sometimes attack the dogs unprovoked, which is what happened to Benji and Turbo. It’s a place where some people will purposely try to harm the dogs.

“Both dogs seemed tired last week, so they were offered extra food and attention,” explains Army Staff Sergeant Laza.

During the night, however, Turbo died. The soldier was devastated and knew he needed help quickly or Benji may die as well. He reached out to Paws of War, who got Benji immediate veterinary care. Benji is still alive and fighting for his life, thanks to Staff Sgt. Laza, who could not bear to see Benji suffer. He is receiving medical treatment around the clock to save his life, and is slowly improving.

“I am an animal lover, and we Texans have big hearts,” adds Staff Sgt. Laza. “I was distraught about not being able to help. I am so thankful that’s Paws came to Benji’s rescue.”

Paws of War is asking the community to make a small donation if they can in order to help support the costs of the life saving, but expensive, veterinary care. Benji means so much to the staff sergeant, who would be heartbroken to lose Benji, as happened to

Turbo, to this tragic situation. Paws of War never asks the service members to help pay for the veterinary bills, transportation, and other costs to bring the dog to the U.S., or for expenses for relocating the dogs to the soldiers homes. They do everything for free for the soldier, because they are giving so much by being in the military.

“I cannot believe that someone poisoned my dogs, it breaks my heart,” says Army Staff Sgt. Laza. “I’m so grateful for all the support that Paws of War and the people in the community provide in helping to save Benji. It’s such a blessing to have people to turn to.”

Your support will help save Benji and keep the War Torn Pups program going for our hero service members and the animals they rescue while serving overseas.